Thank You for supporting Klerosboard and $UBI!

If you are here is very important for the Klerosboard and Proof of Humanity Community!.


Donations are needed to reveal features of Klerosboard in the next month!. 90.0% of the donations are used to burn $UBIs through UBIburner. More info
This month donations: 0 of 0.2 ETH.

Donation Information

Since 2022, klerosboard has Hiden Features. If you have seen the message: it's because the donations per month required wasn't achieved past month. The amount of ethers required to reveal those features it's defined in a Smart Contract. This SC it's used to make de donatios. As you can verify, most of the donations it's used to burn $UBI. As VB has mentioned, we need to build sinks for $UBI, and this is the best way I have found to contribute. Just my two cents. In order to make it the most descentralized I could imagine, the amount per month required to unlock the hidden features and the maintainance fee could be only modified by the Kleros Governor. So, if you think the current values are too high or low, just make a proposal in the Kleros Forum and ask to the Kleros Community to modify them. By code, again verify, the maintainance fee could not be greater than 50% of the ETH donated to this SC, to keep the sink always as much as possible. At the beggining I've set it to 10%. If you think this is to high or low, again, make a proposal in the Kleros Forum. I hope the Kleros community join me to create an UBI sink, and all togheter contribute to burn some UBIs.

How to reveal the hidden features:

  • Between all the donors, achieve the donationPerMonth value in the previous calendar month. Keep in mind that if you contribute now, this is sumed for the next month.
  • You as a logged in user, has donated at least 1/20 of the donationPerMonth in the last 365 days. So if you donate, you reveal for yourself the hidden features but this contribute for the next month to the community.

Current Hidden Features:

  • Address of the jurors voting in a dispute and the dispute creator. You will be able to check the vote intention, but not who has voted
  • Others Jurors profile. You will be able to see only the global metrics of a juror, but not in which disputes had vote or is voting, neither their stake events.
  • Jurors Leaderboard (soon)
  • Would you like to have another feature?, ask for it in the Github repository