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Non-Technical 2021-11-21 03:54 Already Ruled Execution Already Ruled 2021-11-29 15:03
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0x1d9a3491e28c2e688d9c3c846391eef345d68c6c No 2021-11-26 01:11
0x91e0346a89438c8084ab1827467d014c84b0f85a No 2021-11-26 00:29
0x9b70502efaaf3470f62ca3a27f7eab37942f4e80 No 2021-11-25 22:05


Evidences provided by Vagarish

Evidence #1:

Token challenge The logo appears smaller than others due to corner spaces that weren't optimally cropped to take "most space available". Has the same violation with [Kleros · Tokens² Curated List](https://tokens.kleros.io/token/0x9872e2914d1519af993b46fcd18ee5953c3566c34955558f510f9b4d0601895d) as further explained in https://ipfs.kleros.io/ipfs/QmciuYH7TJMrZWBLk4g8AdH2HS9dQGknrzx6GDtbkULbSy/peoplescoin.pdf and must also be REJECTED Did not meet: "It should be centered and take most of the space available in the image" https://tokens.kleros.io/token/0x9d3c02fa83fa2b24baf0bb459d85b8951299ed9af4ce3dd506cb9cbff444eaa5 WAS NOT challenged and so not a strong reason/evidence for this submission to be accepted too.
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