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Evidences provided by Vagarish

Evidence #1:

Vito I'd like to say something to the project admin. Plz see attached pic. Just look at this guy who is challenge.( 0xE82F5A....22CFc2966) He just scan everyone profile to find some point to challenge. then he can earn 0.128ETH as profit. He's not contribute to the project, he's ruin the project.

Evidence #2:

vito Clarification for my profile. This pic is took from photo studio. I also used this one as profile everywhere, like resume , ID card, passport etc.

Evidence #3:

Challenge Justification tldr: Photo was visibly altered by means of digital filters. The objective of Proof of Humanity is to create a curated registry of humans which is Sybil-proof. Although the Registry Policy doesn´t formally mention the prohibition of the use of photo effects, the implementation of this may serve the function of “heavy makeup” which is in fact explicitly forbidden. On the other hand, this digital photo filter is to be placed as a “special item worn only on special occasions that can voluntarily or involuntarily, distract humans or algorithms from being able to detect identical faces”. Since this filter is only used during the instant the picture is being taken and, more importantly, it distracts humans and algorithms in their ability to identify faces. All in all, this is not a social media platform nor a profile photo contest, but a Sybil proof registry of humans. Pictures with this characteristics wouldn´t be accepted in any government ID to accurately identify a person. So, why vulnerate our registry permitting this? PoH registry shouldn´t be the place to use register pictures with photo effects. By letting this image to be validated, we will be opening the door to the open use of digitally modified registry pictures which may facilitate attacks and difficult the tasks of the curators of our web of trust. To ensure each entry in this registry represents a unique, living, existing human being, I plea the jurors to VOTE NO to this registry which can open the door to digital face alteration techniques that can destroy the fundamental pillars of the registry we are trying to build. See similar precedent cases: #577, #655, #844, #845, #870, #874, #934, #939, #942 and #969

Evidence #4:

Check this Case on Kleros Resolve