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Humanity Court 2021-10-20 11:54 Already Ruled Execution Already Ruled 2021-11-03 23:13
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Evidences provided by Vagarish

Evidence #1:

The policy document must be followed, thus accept All earlier presedence is based on 1 case, where jurors hasnt even voted. The baseline for deciding a case must be the policy document, and nothing is written about not allowing a professional black&white profile picture.

Evidence #2:

Precedent must be followed If you check the cases provided as evidence, it is crystal clear that Proof of Humanity's registration policies don't contemplate the usage of filters in the submission's photo. The precedent set by this very court must be followed, so the vote has to be NO.

Evidence #3:

Challenge justification is not valid. As per the submission policy we can see that the acceptance criteria does not include anything specific about black or white pictures or filters in general. Pls see the attached PDF for arguments stating that this submission complies.

Evidence #4:

Challenge Justification The photo was visibly altered using filters, which is not considered possible under the rules and represents a clear attack on the sybil proofness of the protocol. Please refer to cases #577, #655, #844, #845, #870 and #874 as precedent.

Evidence #5:

Check this Case on Kleros Resolve