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Evidences provided by Vagarish

Evidence #1:

It takes as much space as available AND is within ALL required guidelines Your response saying the image should be cropped to an even smaller aspect ratio of 128x128 makes absolutely no sense to your complaint that the image is 'too small'. Please see attached inspection of the image submitted that clearly shows it's larger than the required 128x128. Also, when the image in question was uploaded, it took up AS MUCH SPACE as possible without exceeding the boundaries of the rectangular space that it filled. Every single requirement listed has been met and fulfilled to the letter of the law and this logo should be approved.

Evidence #2:

Doesn't take most space available The requester can instead crop the image at the least acceptable size of 128x128 so that the logo will not appear too small compared to others and will occupy most space available (as per the rules). Disputes 372, 325, 339 support rejection of this listing. See attached doc

Evidence #3:

Logo IS within required image ratio This submission fulfills the requirements for Kleros logo image as it is a clear, non-pixelated transparent image that is greater than 128x128 (it's 256x256), it is less than 1MB, and it takes perfectly fills the space available.

Evidence #4:

Token challenge The logo is too small and violates the one listing rule >>It should be centered and take most of the space available in the image.
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