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Evidences provided by Vagarish

Evidence #1:

Policies must be followed The submission policies don't contemplate the cuts in the registration video. That is because, if they were allowed, it would be quite easy to create a profile for another person, cropping words from a longer video. That is an unacceptable precedent for a sybil-proof registry of verified humans.

Evidence #2:

The submited is a real person is my son Hi! The submitted is a real person. The video was not post-edited. The video have cuts during the record becouse my son native language is catalan and he can't read well. I can try to upload again without cuts in video

Evidence #3:

It's real The video doesn't edited after. The video have cuts during the record. You can see video metadata

Evidence #4:

Challenge Justification The video provided with the submission has been obviously edited in post-production to make one clip out of many different ones. That is not contemplated within the registration policies, and therefore this profile must not be accepted.

Evidence #5:

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