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Evidences provided by Vagarish

Evidence #1:

Challenging First, if you claim that the video is a copy of other videos, provide me with a link to my previous works and let's compare them and find the same videos together with you. Each of my works is unique with a unique script that I write for each video. Secondly, the video is all about integrating Kleros with Unslashed Finance, and at the beginning of my video I briefly remind viewers what kleros is so they can further understand the meaning and focus of my video. I don't see any justification for claiming that this work is similar to others, or that the topic I've chosen is unexplored. If you are still going to stand your ground, tell me in detail and show me where my work is a copy of my previously submitted other works.

Evidence #2:

Challenge Justification says the video is about unslashed finance integration but only discussed it generally for a minute and the rest are a general overview of Kleros which were already mentioned on his previous registered videos. "➤ Has already been submitted or is a slight variation of a previous submission. Note that modifying a previously rejected submission to make it acceptable is allowed. Accept: An original submission. A submission related to another submission whose content was significantly changed. Reject: A copy and paste of a previously accepted submission. A submission similar to another submission with only 10 words being changed."
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