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Evidences provided by Vagarish

Evidence #1:

My response Look through an attached file, please.

Evidence #2:

Has to be publicly available Doesn't serve the Kleros knowledge awareness well if the site where you put your articles is not accessible to many countries outside Russia. Other submissions by Russian participants can be accessed just fine. "This tier of storytelling submissions is reserved for high quality / high impact content that reflects both effort made in creating, as well as effect in distributing the said content"

Evidence #3:

Article can be read by not only VK users The article is definitely accessible to non-VK users, I've just checked it. It seems that the problem with the access is connected with geo-blocking systems. Such systems block different social networks in several countries, not only VK. But it doesn't connected with many countries. So, I think that the majority of the community will be able to reach the article. In case of limitations connected with geo-blocking systems you can try to use VPN to get an opportunity to look through the article.

Evidence #4:

Challenge Justification If it's not accessible to non-VK users, how can it "expand significantly the Kleros knowledgebase" nor can many others in the community verify the content? Maybe this could fall on the Standard list but definitely not High Impact as the viewers it can reach is very limited.

Evidence #5:

Clarification of the compliance with conditions Hello! My new article has 943 views and 59 shares at the moment (shares can be seen when you log into your account on VK) due to the fact that I've asked my readers in the text of the article to share my content. See an attachment with these data.
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