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Evidences provided by Vagarish

Evidence #1:

Maria Soledad Escandon I have been friends with Leonardo Nadur for several years and I can certify that he is a real human. Attached photo as proof.

Evidence #2:

Gustavo Cosoleto Leonardo Nadur has been my friend for more than 25 years. At the time of filming the video, he made the unintentional mistake of doing it with the selfie camera, which caused his address to be mirrored in the video. Attached below the correct video that he sent me so that I can provide as evidence.

Evidence #3:

Challenge Justification The policy specifies: “The sign should display in a readable manner the full Ethereum address of the submitter (No ENS; no ellipsis). The sign can be a screen. The submitter must show the sign in the right orientation to be read on the video.”. In this case, the address showed in the video is mirrored and therefore the submission breaks this rule.

Evidence #4:

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