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Evidences provided by Vagarish

Evidence #1:

Jucaso read attached document

Evidence #2:

Incorrect challenge Ref [ethereum.org/en/developers/docs/accounts/]: "You get a public address for your account by taking the last 20 bytes of the Keccak-256 hash of the public key and adding 0x to the beginning." 0x is a common prefix, removing part of it wont make addresses unequal as changing character case doesn't.

Evidence #3:

Wrong claim Obviously, the challenger claim that "the address does not match the actual address" is incorrect, because the Eth address cannot be changed by removing the prefix.

Evidence #4:

Both addresses are equal When talking about Ethereum addresses, I believe 2 addresses with or without a prefix are the same, just like addresses written in different uppercase / lowercase letters.

Evidence #5:

The address in the video does match the real one The address shown in the video corresponds to the actual address, because the missing character is part of the prefix and not a mandatory part of the address.

Evidence #6:

Challenge Justification The address showed in the video doesn’t match the real one. There are one missing characters. Missing number 0 at the beginning of the address shown in the video

Evidence #7:

Check this Case on Kleros Resolve