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Evidences provided by Vagarish

Evidence #1:

Continuation So Sir , my face is facing the camera and it is just your fault that you cannot recognize my facial features. To be honest sir i think the hairdye has you fooled but i am a free human (even in China) and i will die my hair if i want to. Good luck with your claim.

Evidence #2:

Bottom Line. I don't wear glasses to places i don't have to see up close from , it has nothing to do with the rule of special items. Also they are not sunglasses and are not hiding my face. As for the other rule, i am facing the camera - i am not kneeling down or lying or anything i am in front of the camera.

Evidence #3:

moreover see attached

Evidence #4:

Look at my BIG BROKEN NOSE !! I think person who is putting me trough this needs glasses him self ! Look closely at my broken big nose. In one picture the picture is reverted because its a mirror selfie ! Please check good

Evidence #5:

Facial Special Sign Check out the mole beside my nose ! It is the same on two pictures. I attached it here.

Evidence #6:

I am a real person. Want to video chat ? Is there a rule against using hairday ? Do i have to wear my glasses in every picture ? Can i not have 2 phones and hold 1 and record with other ? Just like at my face, my eyes, my nose. I am the same person !

Evidence #7:

Challenge Justification The picture and video are of different people; different hair color, eyebrow thickness, different phones, no glasses in video whereas pic has glasses. they do not match

Evidence #8:

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