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Humanity Court 2021-06-12 04:58 Already Ruled Execution Already Ruled 2021-06-26 14:18
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Proof of Humanity

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Evidences provided by Vagarish

Evidence #1:

My Sworn and Bonded Truth I hereby pledge my family home of the last 5 years in bond of the truth of my attached testimony.

Evidence #2:

To CryptoEvangelist Nothing about the conversation portrays me as showing bad faith but just you resorting to intimidation and threat. I have no obligation to hear your side via DM and stop coercing other members in the Proof Of Humanity to send me DM as well

Evidence #3:

Request for an appearance from Linda From juror: Based on the submitted evidence it seems likely that Linda has been coerced into filming that video so that the submitter could farm additional UBI. I request another video from Linda where she expresses her consent. She can use another language if English is an issue.

Evidence #4:

Still no second video as requested 5 days ago This is a puppet profile of Agent99 as shown by the common modus operandi, the vouch graph (Agent99 -> FarEye -> PierreDeCaz -> TomBoy -> Linda) and Agent99's own admissions. Absence of requested 2nd video indicates Agent99 couldn't find this puppet again. Details in case 833 and attachment.

Evidence #5:

Evidence of Bad Faith Draw your own conclusions.

Evidence #6:

Direct interaction request There seems to be a lot of cases like this one. I think to try to find out what is happening, it would be good for the individuals to provide jurors a time they are available on jitsi (https://meet.jit.si/POHDispute) to interact directly.

Evidence #7:

Legitimate Administered Account As the administrator of this account and advocate of Linda who does not speak English I present the following evidence.

Evidence #8:

Linda's POH identity might have been stolen See attached document. I'm asking Linda to submit a proof of life video showing a recent blockhash in order to prove that she is indeed the owner of the Ethereum address.

Evidence #9:

Check this Case on Kleros Resolve