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Proof of Humanity

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Evidences provided by Vagarish

Evidence #1:

More about my video Let me clarify, In terms of width and height the first video meets the requirements and the required humanity proof. I see no problems with those blurry edges. Also, rule 4 says nothing about disallowed video edits. Also my original editing was not to alter my human features as you can see.

Evidence #2:

Problem with my video Resolution Hi Community, Please reconsidered my submission. I was not able to get a computer in that moment when I recorded the video, It was recorded with a celular phone. Now I'm uploading a new one with the correct resolution. Please review and let me know. Thanks for the opportunity!

Evidence #3:

Precedent cases Precedent cases # 744, 764, 765, 769 and 775 already determined that this specific type of requests to register should not be accepted. Both technical evidence and case law indicate that the required 352 pixels are not achieved. True video resolution in the attached file

Evidence #4:

Challenge Justification The width value of the uploaded video was noticeably edited to hard force a wider dimension with empty fill (recognizable in the blurred section at both sides) to reach up to 720 pixels of width in total: the truly and effective width of this video is exactly 324 pixels. This type of video post-handling should be avoided. Due to its edited resolution/quality, the uploaded video definitely breaks the rule of guideline # 4: "Minimum height: equal to or higher than 352 pixels / Minimum width: equal to or higher than 352 pixels". Because clearly, 324 pixels is lower than 352 pixels.

Evidence #5:

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