Dispute #727

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Humanity Court 2021-05-16 23:21 Already Ruled Execution Already Ruled 2021-05-30 08:04
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Evidences provided by Vagarish

Evidence #1:

the video does not comply with the rules The technical evidence and the above cases are presented in the attached PDF. This violates the rule of directive n. 4: "The video quality must be at least 360p". Therefore, the registration application should not be accepted.

Evidence #2:

Problem with my video In the PDF attached I present my arguments against the Challenge. While I recognize that there is a difference between my video and video requirements, I do believe that it is not a relevant difference. Please read my arguments in the file attached.

Evidence #3:

Challenge Justification Incorrect submission. The video doesn´t have at least 360p. The submitted video is 640x352p which is lower than the required 360p. This violates the rule #4 of POH registry policy. Both technical evidence and case law (615-667-673-674-617-622) indicate that the required 360p are not achieved. Therefore the request to register should not be accepted.

Evidence #4:

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