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Evidences provided by Vagarish

Evidence #1:

The 360p required in the rules are precise. POH's own team of developers validated that 352 is not 360 by adding a function to the code that does not allow uploading more videos with 352p for not reaching the required 360p. Please see the attached file.

Evidence #2:

No valid evidence for portrait video denomination I urge jurors to not be fooled by 0XA8's personal interpretation of what "p" stands for. This rule does not apply to portrait videos, because they're just the standard 16:9 aspect ratio turned 90°. It's a shame we have to reject videos like this, but we must stay consistent with precedents & policy

Evidence #3:

360p notation is related to VERTICAL resolution 360p notation refers to the video VERTICAL resolution only, not the smallest dimension resolution. The video in question is 640px tall and 352px wide, therefore it's technically a 640p video, which does comply to the rules. Please go through this article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1080p

Evidence #4:

Appealing The point of this community is to proof that everyone who start the process is a human. I know I sent a video with less than 360P, here is another one with the right format.

Evidence #5:

The video don´t have at least 360p. Please see the attached file with the technical evidence and precedent cases. This violates rule of guideline # 4: "The video quality should be at least 360p". Therefore the request to register should not be accepted.

Evidence #6:

Challenge Justification The video don´t have at least 360p. The submitted video is 352p which is lower than the required 360p. This violates the rule #4 of POH registry policy. Both technical evidence and case law (615-667-617-622-673-674) indicate that the required 360p are not achieved. Therefore the request to register should not be accepted.

Evidence #7:

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