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Evidences provided by Vagarish

Evidence #1:

My response See an attachment, please.

Evidence #2:

Stats possible At the bottom of the tutorial on VK (https://redcomrade.ru/en/processory/kak-opublikovat-statyu-v-vkontakte-sekrety-vkontakte/), statistics are possible for articles with more than 100 views. Sharing a VK article is possible through 'mentions' if I understand the platform correctly. Past 10 articles all about Kleros should at least have one of your viewers share or react or ask about it. The choice of topic on Fellowship of Justice does not also expand impt knowledge on the use of Kleros dApps. If anyone from the Russian community (attention to Pushkaroman aka Roman Pushka ; Alex Crypto; Best Crypto Projects - all active submitters in Storytelling ) can add their opinion to help the jurors decide, that'll be great.

Evidence #3:

The response Look through an attached file, please.

Evidence #4:

Challenge Justification Past articles submitted only have 'views' count, no engagement like likes or comments whatsoever same as this most recent one. Can the submitter show the stats where the views come from?
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