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Non-Technical 2020-12-07 16:00 Already Ruled Execution Already Ruled 2020-12-15 17:44
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No 2020-12-09 17:28
No 2020-12-09 11:03
No 2020-12-12 05:33


Evidences provided by Vagarish

Evidence #1:

Submission is duplicate and logo is not fully included The requester's identity or how much PNK he has is not relevant to this dispute. This submission violates the listing criteria for two reasons. 1. This submission is a duplicate. It has the same token name, ticker and logo as an existing registration. As things are, T2CR users will not be able to distinguish between v1 and v2 aENJ tokens. Requester should have asked for the removal of v1 token first or should have added v2 to the name in this submission. Please also see the DOS precedent for why this submission should be rejected. https://tokens.kleros.io/token/0x0254e4d767f450ec7bc77ecf497121343948d3b16e92cd69e7c5c2cf33ae758f 2. The submitted logo is badly cut from all sides and not fully included (evidence attached). https://ipfs.kleros.io/ipfs/QmQ4zgX4xcQui9KSiSGYXFfk6hDDx5LjBsHXB57m7B8BPW/BcczNLZhLQf65EQjAxGsoxyEQZ1NJFaomsm7RzxYU9CLW27M3RPRjmxEYKXPmwcXvS6VxtPfLiNEAqbZC8zSDZd7si Please also see the following precedents. - CPC: https://tokens.kleros.io/token/0x8a0b52723db248532d440260809ff606f4309fb846fa3fe0c9a9121829dbd49c - ENG: https://tokens.kleros.io/token/0x229c1427082c019a177ea557bf5d7904ad6ab6f6bd2dadf59176d9f30e4a3b77 - SNTVT: https://tokens.kleros.io/token/0xd69b2519af0572c8856b4bceab55cfeabd1f7e41d7d0887c4838596f7687251e

Evidence #2:

Sorry for your deposit loss Challenger Hello I'm Marc Zeller from Aave also known as the Whale juror and Ace Attorney of Kleros. this submission is the AAVE v2 aTokens, it's my job to post them, sorry you lost your challenge deposit, maybe you can remove the "duplicate" and post it back as "Aave ENJ (V1) to recover part of your loss official link to V2 aTokens : https://docs.aave.com/developers/deployed-contracts

Evidence #3:

Token challenge Duplicate of https://tokens.kleros.io/token/0x9e603b60816cd433d26ac8a3d11474b14d8d3e68eddcc840e78920d1fb48cfdf
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