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Evidences provided by Vagarish

Evidence #1:

My view Btw here is my view when i zoomed this icon (attached). Your picture is in low quality. I suggest jurors to zoom and check by themself.

Evidence #2:

2nd Evidence Rules are simple and policy said "➤The logo should be fully included." Only one simple question. Is this icon fully included of ENG logo? Also there is another dot in icon and i already shared my evidence about that. Btw if you see any issue on other icons you are free to submit removing request.

Evidence #3:

no issues with the logo See attached the logo as it displays in the tcr list. I cannot see any issue with it. If you zoom in 200% almost any logo will present some imperfection, but the requirement of 128x128 resolution implies icons. If the logo displays correctly at that resolution there is no reason for removing it.

Evidence #4:

Evidence ➤The logo should be fully included. Top and bottom sides are cutted poorly. Also there is a black dot on this icon which dot isn't part of ENG icon. Please see attachment file. Also you can check by yourself via downloading this icon.

Evidence #5:

Token challenge no reason for removing this token
Check this Case on Kleros Resolve