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Evidences provided by Vagarish

Evidence #1:

Clear violation of jurisprudence 1. Stop with this nonsense of falsely accusing me of owning multiple whale jurors. These are baseless accusations and only show bad intent. I only own one wallet with PNK, and it's this one. Don't try to sway jurors by accusing me of random shit, this won't help your case, and it's ugly behavior. Now lets continue with the arguments 2. If it is a de facto standard to always capitalize tickers, then why are there a large amount of submissions with non-capitalized tickers in the T2CR? In fact, there is a strong precedent, according to which official ticker capitalization should be used for the T2CR. I will provide a non-exhaustive list of all those submissions: * 9 Compound cTokens, * 15 Aave aTokens (which have temporarily been removed from the T2CR for incorrect names, it was for instance aETH (aETH), while it should be Aave ETH (aETH), * 3 renTokens (renBTC, renBCH, and renZEC), * 2 Synthetix sTokens (sETH and sBTC) - (SBTC even got rejected for incorrect ticker usage) - , * 9 other tokens (RFuel, wNXM, rDAI, bCrv, 0xBTC, vBTC, plDai, LYXe, and mUSD). That's at least 38 submissions in total, all using non-capitalized letters in their tickers. Obviously, the standard for the T2CR is to use official ticker capitalization. Etherscan and Uniswap also follow these standards, but CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko do not. The requester can make up all the arguments he wants, but the evidence speaks for itself. Jurisprudence clearly shows that tickers should be treated the same as brand names, so spelling wise we should follow the official way of writing. For this reason, I also decided to remove Compound UNI (CUNI) for incorrect ticker capitalization, challenge my removal request if you think CUNI is correct :) Attached is screenshot from https://aave.com/aTokens, clearly stating the official ticker spelling. 3. Besides providing a big list of irrelevant sources (yes they are irrelevant, because they hold no authority and the website page views are negligible), the requester also included some incorrect information in it. According to him, AENJ is the ticker on Uniswap, while in reality, they also use aENJ. All the official Aave sources, Etherscan, and Uniswap consistently use aENJ as a ticker, which is also the standard in the T2CR. The Kleros T2CR should not only remain consistent with itself (note all of the 38 submissions with partly non-capitalized tickers), but also with official sources, while also with Etherscan and Uniswap. 4. TL;DR: Not only is aENJ is most commonly used spelling, it is also the official one. Therefore I ask the jury members in this case, but also the Aave REN and Aave YFI case, to vote NO, allowing the T2CR to remain consistent with itself and with relevant and official sources.

Evidence #2:

T2CR favors most commonly used over consistent. And challenger is corrupt. 1. The challenger's argument of consistency is not valid as consistency is neither mentioned in the listing criteria nor applied in T2CR. For example, some successful submissions omit "Token" from the name and some other successful submissions include it. Jurisprudence shows that T2CR favors the most commonly used one as opposed to the consistent one. I already showed that the most commonly used ticker is AREN. 2. The listing criteria specifically refers to token names, not tickers: "Names should be treated like brand names (spelling wise)". 3. The challenger said: "The requester put together a list of coin trackers, which should almost all ignored, as they are not relevant at all". The challenger shows clear disrespect for justice and T2CR by casually suggesting that the requester's evidence of most commonly used ticker should be ignored. 4. The challenger said: "Only CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko are relevant, and they capitalize their tickers by default". Yes, that is because capitalizing tickers is the de facto standard and T2CR should follow standards. Following this standard is important so that users can distinguish a token's ticker from its name easily. 5. I would like to point out to everyone that challenger is also the juror in this dispute. The challenger has several whale juror accounts and keeps voting in his own disputes. This is ethically very wrong and also against the decentralized vision of Kleros. The challenger's actions prove that he is not interested in justice and the well-being of Kleros/T2CR. You can see that he has been both challenger and juror in disputes 454, 392, 385, 184, 146, 136, 115 and he voted in all those disputes: http://kleroscan.com/juror/0x4a2c5a0Af8b29cD5Fd8Eb1d02a83150A3ee10488

Evidence #3:

This submission satisfies all listing criteria The challenger's claim is groundless: 1. Firstly, there is no rule about the casing of tickers in the listing criteria. It is a de facto standard that letters in a ticker are all uppercase. Following the standard is important because this makes it easy to distinguish a token's ticker from its name. 2. Secondly, this submission uses the most commonly used ticker for the token. You can verify this by visiting these links: * CoinMarketCap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/aave-ren/ * CoinGecko: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/aave-ren * LiveCoinWatch: https://www.livecoinwatch.com/price/AaveREN-AREN * Cryptofolio: https://cryptfolio.com/currencies/aren * CMC.io: https://cmc.io/coins/aave-ren * CoinMarketCal: https://coinmarketcal.com/en/coin/aave-ren * Uniswap: https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?inputCurrency=0x3a3a65aab0dd2a17e3f1947ba16138cd37d08c04 * RatesNinja: https://rates.ninja/cryptocurrency/aave-ren * CoinCodex: https://coincodex.com/crypto/aave-ren/ * NewsBTC: https://www.newsbtc.com/cryptocurrencies/aave-ren/ * CoinStats: https://coinstats.app/en/coins/aave-ren * CoinMarketTrade: https://www.coinmarketrade.com/coinmarketcap/ALINK/aave-ren * CryptoMarkets: https://cryptomarkets.mobi/currency/aave-ren * CoinCost: https://coincost.net/en/currency/aave-ren * BitcoinsMarket: https://bitcoins-market.net/currency/aave-ren * Cryptooze: https://www.cryptooze.com/currency/aave-ren * CryptoAtlas: https://www.cryptoatlas.io/coins/aaveren/ * Crypthor: https://crypthor.net/currencies/AREN/aave-ren/ * GlobalCoinListing: https://globalcoinlisting.com/currency/aave-ren * CryptoToolSet: http://www.cryptotoolset.com/how-to-buy-aenj-aave-ren-online/ * CoinAtomy: https://coinatomy.com/currency/aave-ren * CoinMarkets: https://www.coinmarkets.fr/cryptomonnaies/exchanges-cours-aave-ren * DemoCryptos: https://democryptos.com/coins/AENJ/aave-ren/ * CryptoCurrencyMarket: https://www.cryptocurrencymarket.uk/currency/aave-ren * CoinMonitor: https://coinmonitor.nl/currency/aave-ren * CapAndList: https://capandlist.com/currency/aave-ren * EveryG: https://everyg.com/crypto/aave-ren/ * CryptoSage: https://www.cryptosage.co.uk/currencies/AREN/aave-ren/ * CJsGO: https://cjsgo.com/currencies/AENJ/aave-ren/ * BeingCrypto: https://es.beincrypto.com/precio/aave-ren/ * CryptoMAA: http://cryptomaa.com/crypto/aave-ren/ * CryptoMonedas: https://www.criptomonedas.vip/comprar/aave-ren/ * ConseilsCrypto: https://conseilscrypto.com/coinmarketcap/aave-ren/ I also would like to point out that the challenger is a serial challenger who challenged 3 of my submissions (AENJ, AREN, AYFI) with the same reason which exists nowhere in the listing criteria. On top of that, I used the most commonly used ticker in this submission. Everyone should feel welcome to contribute to T2CR as long as their submission satisfies all listing criteria. This will ensure T2CR stays an efficient decentralized system and does not turn into the challenger's own centralized list. This submission satisfies all listing criteria and should therefore be accepted into T2CR.

Evidence #4:

Official and correct ticker is aREN My claims are not baseless at all. There is a clear jurisprudence regarding name and ticker spelling/letter capitalization. This jurisprudence was partly formed due to the following policy rule: "➤ Names should be treated like brand names (spelling wise). This means that the correct spelling is dictated by the project owners, unless consensus forms around a different spelling." The requester put together a list of coin trackers, which should almost all ignored, as they are not relevant at all. Only CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko are relevant, and they capitalize their tickers by default. But that's not how we list tokens in the T2CR. For the T2CR, we follow the official letter capitalization, so aREN, and not AREN (https://aave.com/static/media/aREN.382be386.svg). The correct spelling of the ticker can be found in the token contract on Etherscan, which correctly uses the capitalization as defined by the Aave project owners, aREN (https://etherscan.io/token/0x69948cc03f478b95283f7dbf1ce764d0fc7ec54c). Also Uniswap uses aREN as it's ticker. This precedent of using tickers like aETH, can be seen from the following list of tokens which all follow the official letter capitalization, even though CMC and CoinGecko use ALL CAPS BY DEFAULT. All of the Compound tokens (cETH, cDAI, cUSDT, etc), all of the Ren token (RenBTC, RenZEC, RenBCH), all of the Synthetix tokens (sBTC, sETH), Strudel Finance BTC (vBTC), Pool Dai (plDai), LUKSO (LYXe), mStable USD (mUSD), and most importantly, all of the Aave tokens (aETH, aDAI, aUSDT, etc), as how they were accepted to the T2CR, before they were removed for incorrect name usage. They were listed as aETH (aETH), instead of Aave ETH (aETH). To remain consistent, the jurors should reject this submission from the T2CR, after which Aave REN can be resubmitted with aREN as its ticker.

Evidence #5:

Token challenge Ticker should be aREN. See Etherscan and official Aave website.
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