Dispute #447

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Non-Technical 2020-10-29 13:20 Already Ruled Execution Already Ruled 2020-11-07 03:58
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Evidences provided by Vagarish

Evidence #1:

Token fully complies with listing criteria Uniswap is not the only use case for the T2CR, so there is no reason to narrow it down to only include active tokens. Exactly for that reason, the T2CR policy included a rule stating that tokens should not be denied listing based on token activity. The policy, created by the Kleros team and community, should be strictly followed, and removing this token from the T2CR would violate the listing criteria. Therefore, jurors of this dispute should vote NO, as this token fully complies with the listing criteria.

Evidence #2:

Not tradeable token because there is no supply. Should be delisted. The real situation is that the list is 'today' used to provide DEXes with a list of tradeable tokens. In this case, the token is not tradeable because there is no supply (zero) in the ETH mainnet. All the existences were burned months ago. That is the reason for delisting it. In the eventual case in which the contract would be reactivated new tokens would be minted, of course the token could be listed again, in a new submission.

Evidence #3:

Submission should remain in the T2CR Why wouldn't there be a reason for this token to remain in the T2CR? Do you know all the future use-cases of Kleros' token curated list? A token swap is no reason to remove a submission from the T2CR, the policy clearly states that. The requester argues that it does no longer exist on the Ethereum blockchain anymore, but this is obviously not true. Zebi still remains on the Ethereum blockchain, no one can remove the contract, this is how blockchain technology works.

Evidence #4:

Old contract Old contract, Zero total supply. There is no reason for having this token in the list because it no longer exists in ethereum mainnet. ➤​All submissions must be tokens with smart contracts deployed on the Ethereum(ETH) mainnet.

Evidence #5:

T2CR Policy ➤ "Requests are not to be denied listing based on token creation date, token swap status (with non-ethereum chains), use case or token activity." - In other words, there is no reason to remove this from the T2CR.

Evidence #6:

total supply for the token is 0 As can be checked in etherscan, the token total supply is Zero (0), because they are now in Zebi Mainnet or in Binance Blockchain. Last time for swapping was in 14 Nov 2019. That is the reason for removing the token from the list. https://etherscan.io/token/0x2008e3057BD734e10AD13c9EAe45Ff132aBc1722 Se capture attached

Evidence #7:

Token challenge No reason to remove this token.
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