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Yes 2020-11-04 20:33
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Evidences provided by Vagarish

Evidence #1:

Empty challenger's appeal Good morning to all jurors. As you can see in my submission, the criteria was met and all of those false accusations made by the challenger are all empty. You would be able to see my submissions from the other parts and it really seems this challenger does not know what they are talking about and they have no other thing to do than just delaying the winnings of this arbitration. Aside from that, all attachments of screenshots that makes me a legitimate blogger can be seen as well. I already have 2 submissions for the high impact submission that got registered and fought all of those challenges and won.

Evidence #2:

The challenger does not even know how Steemit works and accusing falsely In addition to all of my evidences to the jurors, the challenger doesn't even know how Steemit works and its curation. My posts sometimes goes to the 'Hot' or 'Trending' topics as well in the Steemit platform because I do have a high number of followers who upvotes and sees my posts. Upvotes can only be done manually and organically by pressing the upvote button. Aside from that, since my posts on my blog goes to trending and hot categories, even those who are not my followers can see it and checks my profile and posts. Hence, there is an organic reach as well. They can also upvote my posts even they are not my followers at the moment. Therefore, the challenger's shallow accusations should be dismissed.

Evidence #3:

Upvotes About the upvotes as well, there are a lot of upvotes on each of my posts that are organic. Those upvotes of people that are actively upvoting as well are just the tip of the iceberg because Steemit only shows that. Upvoting, again, does not need you to be actively posting on Steemit nor commenting. That is human's free will!

Evidence #4:

Accusations of telling fake interactions without proof Lastly, I would like to tell that slanderous things being said by this challenger. You have no proof that the upvotes as per you is using automation or bots. Those are all organic. Upvoting on Steemit does not mean you are required to do commenting as well. So what if I have a large number of upvotes on my posts? Because I do my blogs diligently. Aside from that, I have a large follower number and increasing as seen on the screenshots. 3715 followers at the time of this writing. Your evidence about the users on liking my posts are shallow. Where did you find a proof that Nickfost is reported? No evidence. Aside from that, Having no blog/comments does not mean they are inactive. They could still like or upvotes whenever they visit Steemit. They do not need to post every day or comment every day just to be called a user of Steemit. By that being said, I would ask the jurors to accept my submission for High impact storytelling.

Evidence #5:

Screenshot of my APPICS Philippines group chat APPICS is a fork of Steemit wherein you could post photos and others could see it as well. Aside from that, APPICS is a good thing to post promotions as well.

Evidence #6:

Screenshot of my Steemit-HIVE group on facebook Here is the group chat where I chat and submit all of my posts on Steemit in the Philippines

Evidence #7:

Proof of having legitimate followers I took a screenshot again of my legitimacy of having organic views in the Steemit blogs of mine. I also have a reputation of 59 which is high as well and has a stream of upvotes from different people organically. I am already a known Philippine crypto blogger ever since. I do post my submission on Steemit on Hive groups and APPICS groups because those 2 are fork of Steemit. I have a group chat on FB and other social media. Some are new on Steemit and we welcome them.

Evidence #8:

Eligible for High Impact submission Next is that let us proceed with the evidences as to why this is a high impact submission. First of all, I have been a blogger since May 2017 as can be seen here: https://steemit.com/@frankydoodle I do Steemit meetings online and offline ever since. I do promote my posts because I have a community in Facebook, Discord and group chats where I have them take a look at my posts. There are no fake interactions in there.That challenger has no proof that the upvotes are coming from a bot. Where is your proof that I am using a bot? Aside from that, I can show you a post of mine way back then here on Curate where I won because I have a community. Here: https://curate.kleros.io/tcr/0x99A0f0e0d9Ee776D791D2E55c215d05ccF7286fC/0x922f55f0e6a0c49568cb33fddbd758f473df2187b8102036dbc0ee23e120ce86 Here is an attachment of one of my group in Discord where I post. Aggroed is a Steem witness as well. A validator of Steem blockchain on top right corner of the screenshot.

Evidence #9:

Take a look at the facts of the challenger first Good morning jurors. First of all, I would like to let you know that the one challenging this submission of mine is this guy Sandoich which seems to have submitted this one: https://curate.kleros.io/tcr/0x99A0f0e0d9Ee776D791D2E55c215d05ccF7286fC/0x5094a82dbcf5d8b2c93bf834c43274b8878716372779411fb794069aeae22eca How do I know? Because he sent an ether 3 hrs ago from this address https://etherscan.io/address/0x89Acc7B6dEc9b355D395Ff6021a18E21C9B83c5F to this address https://etherscan.io/address/0x1e028872fd7d0E990A9a0d5336733353E9DB74dE Don't make yourself dumb and no need to hide. Because blockchain transactions are public. Here is your transfer of ETH just to challenge my submission. https://etherscan.io/tx/0xc9ab06e08d54d137d3da6f271f589429bdd5e971997839cb5441da837fd44448 I know for sure that you will challenge the other 2 once their timer is about to run out for you to solo the prize.

Evidence #10:

Challenge Justification violates listing policy "not made of mainly fake interactions": upvotes on the article come from dead accounts with no activity other than upvoting, indicating bots or another sort of automation in which no actual engagement occurs. additionally, almost all of the submitter's articles (see: https://steemit.com/@frankydoodle) have incredibly similar like numbers with zero comments, further indicating the use of a bot to achieve them. furthermore, steemit as a platform appears to be heavily abusable toward fake engagement (see: https://tinyurl.com/y5eakxad and https://bit.ly/3e2Icjj ). look at the evidence attached for examples of bot/dead accounts being used for fake votes. this submission needs to be rejected for violating listing policies by the jurors.
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