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Evidences provided by Vagarish

Evidence #1:

Our Open Protocols will make the Ethereum ecosystem stronger We will build a series of open decentralized protocols which can be used as building blocks for lots of other projects. Examples: 1) The "Open Reviews: A Web2 to Web3 Replication Protocol" (see it in Gitcoin) helps anyone to transfer the reputation acquired in Web2 to Web3 (e.g. Airbnb reviews to a personal booking site) This protocol will facilitate the transfer of millions of reviews on the marketplaces, to the Ethereum ecosystem. With this protocol Ethereum will be a place where you can read real reviews helping the seamless transition to Web3. 2) Escrowed payments: a decentralised version of Airbnb's payment escrow where the money is released after check-in or, if there's a claim, judged by Kleros jurors. 3) Disputes: a decentralised version of "Airbnb resolution center" for issues between Hosts and Guest integrated with Kleros. We thus hope you can consider our open protocols as public goods which benefit the Ethereum community.

Evidence #2:

Challenge Justification Trips community is neither a public good nor does it benefit the Ethereum community. Trips Community is an interesting project, but I don't really see how it is an Ethereum public good, as defined by the clr.fund constitution (https://github.com/clrfund/constitution). Rather, trips community seems to be a Club Good (a good that is excludable but non-rivalrous). I also don't see how it benefits the Ethereum ecosystem, other than by being built on top of Ethereum. For both of these reasons, this project is not a valid recipient from clr.fund and should not be included in the list.
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