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Evidences provided by Vagarish

Evidence #1:

Challenger's reply 1. The guidelines do not state "objective manifestations of aggression" but "immoral activities" with non-exclusive examples. For example, cases 243 and 421 implicate false endorsements. The jurors are free to find immoral activities of any kind and not rule in favor of a party that engaged in it. 2. The policies of the subcourt do not provide that the jurors should not interpret according to the spirit. It's true they provide to accept memes related to Kleros, but this should be interpreted as memes that can help to promote Kleros, which the guidelines state as the purpose of the program. It is not explicitly stated to accept any content, it should be helping the purpose and spirit. 3. The meme suggests that what matters in Kleros is the pumping, with no time or point in explaining it, while suggesting that there are other "real projects that provide value such as 0xBTC" making the meme not mainly related to Kleros as far as promoting valuable projects and not just price speculation.

Evidence #2:

Requester's reply - Debunking Challenger Please read the pdf attached.

Evidence #3:

Challenge Justification General Court policy: Jurors should not rule in favor of a side who have engaged in immoral activities Jurors should attempt to interpret disputes according to the "spirit of the dispute" Spirit of Kleros Storytelling Standard Impact Submissions: Submissions should help to promote Kleros through content, explainers, memes, gifs, video, infographics and so forth. Kleros related rule: "In addition all submissions should: ➤ Be mainly related to Kleros or dapps relying on it." The meme does not help to promote Kleros because it is low quality and trolling Kleros, violating the spirit of the program. It says: "This is so stupid, did you even read the tokenomics? No one will use Kleros to decide real things. Your money should go to real projects that provide value such as 0xBTC". It violates the rule that content should be mainly related to Kleros, because it promotes other projects. It could also be immoral to claim storytelling rewards while trolling Kleros.
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