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Evidences provided by Vagarish

Evidence #1:

Images are not identical The requester's logo IS NOT the GitHub logo. When you compare the logos side by side at 100%, you can see that the requester's logo is blurry and pixelated at the top. You can also refer to the pdf I attached for comparison. T2CR aims for high quality logos. For example, SORA (XOR) submission was rejected just recently due to a bad cut job. The requester's logo is against the court policy and should be rejected to protect the quality standards of T2CR.

Evidence #2:

Both images are identical The submitted logo IS the github logo. The difference comes from the removal of excess vertical whitespace & slight resize (which only changes the image "size", not the "resolution/quality"). This is apparent when viewed side-by-side with a same zoom level. See attached (left: github, right: submitted)

Evidence #3:

Wrong claims by the requester The logos are obviously not the same The PDF I attached earlier compares the logos in their true sizes (100%). Jurors are welcome to compare the logos side by side on their own: * Requester's logo: https://ipfs.kleros.io/ipfs/QmRLJjmCnxenam8J4RGkHibfNLXjc77eG7EvHwpK9Zi5X6/Bcd2g4uYP8sWZPbHmSo7EygFVnCXctj5oUyQrJiGgrfHWVPgN6C6n7vFCiabzm5SkQEqruYt7MFQagWXNGEBPpndRi * Challenger's logo: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/rottenswap/rottenswap.org-website/master/docs/official-icons/rot-200px.png It is easy to see that the requester's logo is blurry and pixelated at the top. This submission violates the court policy and should accordingly be denied from the T2CR.

Evidence #4:

Logo is not blurry 1. The submitted logo is in fact the same as the logo provided by the challenger, with a slight increase of dimension (same quality/resolution). Compare them side by side with a same zoom level and you won't find any difference. 2. Any logo will be pixelated/blurry if enlarged enough. The quality of the submitted logo is fine as it is.

Evidence #5:

Requester's logo is blurry and pixelated at the top I am attaching side by side comparison proving that requester's logo is blurry. You can also see easily how the requester's logo is pixelated at the top.

Evidence #6:

Token challenge The requester's logo is blurry and pixelated at the top. The listing criteria says: "It should be of a definition high enough such that it should not appear pixelated or blurry unless those are on-purpose features of the symbol". Non-blurry logo can be retrieved from the GitHub account of RottenSwap: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/rottenswap/rottenswap.org-website/master/docs/official-icons/rot-200px.png
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