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Evidences provided by Vagarish

Evidence #1:

It's true it takes most space and Blocery precedent _Most_ space is not like _all_ space so my claim is true. Challenger says to take "as much available space as possible" but that's not what the guidelines are requiring. Being "fully included" means having the full logo without cutting anything, but then it only needs to take "most" space, not as much as possible. You can see the Blocery logo was accepted even as the challenger made the same challenge saying it "leaves redundant space." It's also true that the HOT logo is used with lots of empty spaces as a feature of the logo, another reason to accept it.

Evidence #2:

False claims by requester Requester is unjustly claiming that submitted logo takes most of the space horizontally. To see that this claim is not true, download the image and use a crop function of any program. You will see that, not only vertically a lot of free space is left, but also on both the left and right side of the logo quite some space is left. Attached you can find a cropped version of submitted logo. Feel free to use that correct version for a resubmission. Monolith did not set any precedent which is relevant in this dispute. The Monolith logo (almost) reaches the top AND bottom of the image, thus using as much available space as possible (leaving only 5 pixels). The Hydro Protocol logo leaves a lot of free space on the left and right of the symbol, more than 4 times as much as the Monolith logo. This is making the Hydro Protocol logo noticeably look smaller than the other submissions in the TCR. Therefore, this submission should be rejected from the TCR.

Evidence #3:

The width takes most space, no need to resize The logo width does take most of the space horizontally. Most is not all, so small empty space is ok. It's also a feature of the design to have lots of empty space. For example the Twitter logo also leaves space on the sides: https://twitter.com/protocol_hydro For the height, if made bigger to satisfy the vertical aspect of taking up most space, it may result in left and right parts being cropped out. It's not possible. It's the design itself, and resizing would reduce the quality. The Monolith precedent shows there is no need to resize.

Evidence #4:

Token challenge Logo does not take most of the space available in the image.
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