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Evidences provided by Vagarish

Evidence #1:

Refuse to arbitrate is usable in other cases The guidelines say to "not rule in favor of a side who have engaged in immoral activities" immediately followed by saying to refuse to arbitrate should be used in these disputes. It's not saying it cannot be used in other cases. In fact if there is a tie, the court will say the jurors refused to arbitrate as the ruling, even if there were no immoral activities. That proves it's not the only way. If a case is a tie, makes no sense, or shouldn't be in the court, wouldn't it make sense to refuse to arbitrate? Yes, it's an option in other cases.

Evidence #2:

Court Guidelines “Refuse to arbitrate” should be used for disputes where both sides of the dispute have engaged in activities which are immoral (ex: refuse to rule on an assassination market dispute). According to court policy, jurors should not refuse to arbitrate, as both parties did not engage in immoral activities.

Evidence #3:

Refuse to arbitrate Submitter did attach a png. Challenger did see a webp. I think a fair ruling would be refusing to arbitrate which I think lets both parties to get their stakes back and the token won't be accepted to the list.

Evidence #4:

Video evidence I did a 45s video demo reproducing what I said and showing that I cannot have attached it in webp: https://ipfs.kleros.io/ipfs/QmPYoaEwxYRZD8jTieshwYBXSmKJzYdfV9djf7GXpqq1q4 I totally understand the challenge because Kleros keeps it in webp and would feel bad if challenger lost a deposit, but on the other hand my file met the guidelines and png test... Maybe Kleros should refund the 0.39ETH challenge deposit or 0.585ETH token deposit if its app did change the format to webp, or what happened here?

Evidence #5:

Was attached in png The logo comes from Google Images researching for: hakka token. Seeing a transparent background, I saved it directly and named it "HAKKA.png" between double quotes to force the format to be png. If you try that, it does end in png in the image details and opens well (at least in Windows). When I submitted the token, I uploaded that png but because of an unknown reason it went back to format webp created by Google, an improved version of png. When you try to upload a jpg or even a webp for a token, it says: "File should be a PNG with a transparent background." That's likely a test for png, so it adds weight that my file was _not_ submitted in webp and did pass in png. The guidelines ask "attached logos should be PNG format." It's clear that the condition is to _attach_ the logo in png and the spirit is to have transparent backgrounds. I had no technical control after doing that.

Evidence #6:

Image is not a PNG See Token Curated List Policies Guidenlines:

Evidence #7:

Token challenge Image is not png type.
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