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Curation 2020-09-09 15:39 Already Ruled Execution Already Ruled 2020-09-17 09:50
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Evidences provided by Vagarish

Evidence #1:

Hear this I am not trying to change the conditions for a submission to be accepted. What I'm pointing out is that this kind of entry doesn't do ANY contribution to the purpose of storytelling at all. The author already had more than 10 submissions like this and if he's confident about his memes, why not bring it to Twitter at least? The author is also free to challenge tweet submissions he finds unworthy to the list just like everyone else in the community

Evidence #2:

Only one condition is enough The difference between the parts "Accept submissions that:" and "In addition all submissions should:" make clear that only one condition is enough for the first part. There are so many different possibilities it's unlikely a single submission will meet them all! Someone asked the question on the support group and the Curate dev replied one of the items (possibilities) should suffice. Message screenshot: https://ibb.co/HXxnWNN Message link: https://t.me/c/1437527498/181 Group invite link: https://t.me/joinchat/GGUsLhwZj_-aa0SoQTBltA That's what Kleros wanted in the policy and how it should be curated.

Evidence #3:

Just memes are acceptable The challenger already lost all 4 cases (343, 344, 355, 356) against my memes and tries to change the policy to condition diffusion by challenging again. There is no different interpretation than what the policy lists as a possibility: "Are memes related to Kleros or its dapps. Accept: A juror meme." Memes in the Kleros collection are still good because they can be used by anyone and impactful. Some people get their onetime posts liked by the same 5 friends all the time, but is it much more useful? The sharing across social channels or number of views are another possibility, separate from being a meme. It shows an example of a meme liked by 5 but it's just an example. The last possibility on the first page is being just a meme and the example doesn't have likes. A meme both with likes or no likes is acceptable.

Evidence #4:

Challenge Justification I urge the jurors to no longer allow meme submissions only posted in imagizer site because a meme not shared on social channels is of no good The purpose of Storytelling program is to bring awareness about Kleros and that means a little diffusion is needed for an entry to be of value to our community There maybe diff interpretation on the listing rules but wouldn't you agree that memes are supposed to be shared to friends and cryptocurrency community and not hidden in a repository of photos alone?
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