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Evidences provided by Vagarish

Evidence #1:

Logo seems to fit listing criteria I am not sure why this submission is challenged: As listing criteria require logo "take most of the space available in the image". The few transparent pixels between logo's edges and image's borders do not invalidate that it takes most of the available space. Consequently, this submission should be accepted.

Evidence #2:

re-submit of logo submitting the logo again with bigger size.

Evidence #3:

Old Mistake, Many Example Rejections Since the Beginning The image containing Blocery logo leaves redundant space in both axis, causing the logo appear smaller than others. In other words, its taking less space than it can and violating standardized look of the curated list. This will create visual problems for the applications using this list. For this reason many tokens have been rejected since the beginning. Recent examples are: Waifu, Dev and Cap tokens.

Evidence #4:

Logo size and space All registered in Coinmarektcap, coingecko, poloniex and such. it is 200x200 logo

Evidence #5:

LOGO image logo image is all registered in coinmarketcap, coingecko and poloniex. It is 200x 200

Evidence #6:

Token challenge Logo does not take most of space available.

Evidence #7:

BLY_Auditreport BLY Audit Report by Hexlant
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