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Evidences provided by Vagarish

Evidence #1:

Clarification My tweet got 135 retweets (50 retweets it's enough also) + 196 likes + my tweet explained the escrow Dapp in detail, so i met 2 of the conditions For the bluzelle, i work with bluzelle and part of my work that i should retweet every tweet from their account this was only for the last month. For the retweet that you shared with 0 interaction, it not my own tweet, i didn't promote it like what i did for Kleros. See the attachment please. Thank you.

Evidence #2:

Challenge Justification The tweet shows 135 retweets but less than 50 can be seen in the details. The accounts retweeting are mainly suspicious of fake interactions because new or retweeting spammy content. When not just retweeting Bluzelle and actually making a comment about it, the accout used for this submission received 0 RT and 0 like: https://twitter.com/mo1gamal/status/1290247478785134596 Screenshot with 0 interaction: https://ibb.co/DDf8kk5 How does it go from 0 interaction to so many for Kleros?
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