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Evidences provided by Vagarish

Evidence #1:

The listing Policies are clear The listing Policies are clear: "Accept submissions that satisfy *at least one* of those conditions:" This article, in conjuntion with other items that were already submitted and approved, is an effort of different memebers of the spanish kleros community to engage more people to became jurors in the Kleros Courts. In particular, this article was made after some members ask different questions of the process of being a juror. Even more, this article answer some questions that are not explained in the kleros juror kit, from the blog of Kleros, but the jurors with some experience know after being part of the process. For these reasons, this submission satisfy the item: "Expand significantly the Kleros knowledge base". I encourage the jurors to go to the telegram group of the spanish community (t.me/klerosespanol) and check by yourself if this article it's part of the pinned message (I'm not admin in that group). After seeing this, are you sure this is not a High Impact Story?.

Evidence #2:

Challenge Justification Accept submissions that satisfy at least one of those conditions: ➤ Is widely shared across social networks. Accept: An article, meme or tweet which is shared by at least 50 users This article has only 23 claps (Per account can claps up to 50) and this account has only 5 followers which account shared this article on Medium.
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