Dispute #292

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Curation 2020-07-14 20:15 Already Ruled Execution Already Ruled 2020-07-24 09:17
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Round 0

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Round 0 Vote Casting Date
Yes 2020-07-18 21:49
Yes 2020-07-18 21:49
Yes 2020-07-19 21:07


Evidences provided by Vagarish

Evidence #1:

Argument (Title should be “DeversiFi Infographic” instead of “DecerseFi GIF”) There is a manuplation on DeverseFi Storytelling Competition. Why do i need to pay for fake interactions if already have at least 5 likes. Please check out my submission's first likes. Kindly check it out; https://telegra.ph/Argument-07-16

Evidence #2:

Challenge Justification This submission is not following listing criteria: It involves a majority of fake interactions (retweets/likes) with faked twitter accounts. So, this submission should be refused. See link for more info. https://telegra.ph/Subject-07-14
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