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0xf936b0f5b5a9af020801a6ee021ff0cf72028d38 No 2020-07-18 23:52


Evidences provided by Vagarish

Evidence #1:

mainly fake interactions mainly fake interactions Watch retweets Many bots without subscribers or just a few https://twitter.com/cryptoselfmemes/status/1281643468545236999/retweets

Evidence #2:

Memes require no interactions and the interactions are mainly unpaid Dear Jurors: 1) “Accept submissions that: … Are memes related to DeversiFi or its ecosystem.” Memes alone without a requirement on interactions are eligible. They have a long life of impact because of replication. 2) Although not necessary, only 5 retweets were rewarded with DOGE out of fun and for initial diffusion. The meme has more than the double of 5 RTs, so it would not be “mainly fake interactions”. By the way, Ben at DeversiFi has said “I think cctip.io is fine”: https://ibb.co/fGM3spV 3) The meme was printed way more than 50 times, so it may qualify under that condition too. Such impressed: https://ibb.co/k5Xjhnr Submitted much respectfully.

Evidence #3:

Challenge Justification Submissions shouldn't be made of mainly fake interactions. ex: "Reject: The submitter paid for views of its YouTube video." The tweet uses @cctip_io service, which distributes reward to users that interact with the tweet, which is akin to paid interactions.
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