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Evidences provided by Vagarish

Evidence #1:

Tweet Statistics Update July 11, 2020 / last day contest Dear challenger, to make you believe I am back to updating my tweet statistics on 11 July 2020 or the last day of this contest: https://ibb.co/tbYnNBM not only tweet statistics, I will give my account statistics on July 11 2020: 1. https://ibb.co/mtXZW9Y 2. https://ibb.co/0fJBkjM Are you still accusing me of paying for fake interactions? :) case summary: -Rules in the Guidelines: pay for fake interactions -What happens in my submission: pay for real interactions I have sent consecutive different tweet statistics 3 times, even today sending my account statistics. once again, I hope the kleros juror has an objective and subjective view of this case. Thank you very much Best regards, Afif Ridwan

Evidence #2:

Clarification You are referring to false interactions, right? As shown in this picture: https://ibb.co/mNRgZQm it says "Made of mainly fake interactions" is rejected if: "The submitter paid for views of its YouTube video" means that it is rejected IF the interaction is fake. BUT what happens if the interaction is real but paid? Here I have a real interaction and I have attached my tweet statistics, then what happens if it is paid? I think the kleros juror has an objective and subjective view in this case. AND I didn't forget, my Tweet Statistics Update on July 10, 2020 (GMT + 7): https://ibb.co/sFxyt5h You still think I'm paying for fake interactions? :)

Evidence #3:

An Admin's Comment Is Not Binding The submitter points to an answer by a DeversiFi admin, but what it says is “I think cctip.io is fine”. It’s just a thought, not a binding rule. The rules are contained in the guidelines exclusively (without an admin’s authority to change them or to give binding opinions), and those rules are clear that paying for views and retweets is not accepted. It would mean that by paying 5 USDT, the submitter could receive 2500 NEC or more. Instead, this kind of simple submission with limited authentic engagement would be more suitable for the standard impact tier.

Evidence #4:

Strong evidence Hello, Thank you for challenging my submission. below I will add evidence to confirm my submission: 1. On July 1, 2020 I asked Ben | DeversiFi (@brwilson) via Telegram and ask what other requirements for High Impact other than those listed on Guidline. then I also asked Ben about cctip.io, then he answered: https://ibb.co/t8Fynm6 (focus on the red circle) 2. cctip.io is a platform that works differently with auto like, comment or View paid YouTube. This platform specifically gathers crypto users to spread by like, comment or retweet to increase the impression of content. The following is the proof of my tweet analysis: https://ibb.co/J7dHzPj Do you still think it's bot / fake? You will be watching my tweets in this case right? And I will provide statistics on the progress of my tweets. in this case, using cctip is okay. because I have attached my tweet statistics

Evidence #5:

Challenge Justification Submissions should not be made of mainly fake interactions. (Guidelines p. 2.) The guidelines include an example of a submitter who paid for views, which must be rejected. (Ibidem.) The Twitter post submitted was mainly shared (retweeted) by accounts motivated to do so in exchange for a tip of 0.0625 USDT each. While a part of these accounts might be real persons, the interactions are still fake and incentivized, without a real and authentic interest in retweeting. This tier is reserved for submissions with a truly high impact.

Evidence #6:

Using CCTIP to Gain Impressions Using CCTIP is fine, I already asked this to Ben (@brwilson) admin DeversiFi on July 1, 2020 Proof: https://ibb.co/n3VwxF4 I ask this and my first submission was approved and registered( https://curate.kleros.io/tcr/0x6f15Ca438992d9a4d7281E7E80381C4d904B2A24/0x0eba87fb88fcc4ee00345c66788baee16c878c9bc51a3bf9056cceb7933cf4d0 )
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