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Evidences provided by Vagarish

Evidence #1:

3rd Argument Please refer this on PDF And should not be: "Made of mainly fake interactions. Reject: The submitter paid for views of its YouTube video." Rules are simple. Don't pay for fake interactions. So this is about bot accounts. This tweet retweeted by totally real persons and they are interested in crypto. This bot using for interaction on twitter. Only real people can parcipate that. There is not any fake account. There are 31 people on map(for now). I post the map and google form links on twitter and also telegram many times. Besides the team supported me and they also shared on DeversiFi telegram group (https://t.me/DeversiFi/77803). So i am trying to do my best. This tweet tweeted by over 100 people but there is only 31 people on map. Right, they helped us for impact on social media but they don't have to fill out the form. When we increase impact of DeversiFi on social media we will reach out to more DeversiFi people. These are - social impact and real DeversiFi People - different but connected sides.

Evidence #2:

An Admin's Comment Is Not Binding The submitter points to an answer by a DeversiFi admin, but what it says is “I think cctip.io is fine”. It’s just a thought, not a binding rule. The rules are contained in the guidelines exclusively (without an admin’s authority to change them or to give binding opinions), and those rules are clear that paying for views and retweets is not accepted.

Evidence #3:

Paid interactions The challenge is about paid interactions. The total of retweets right now are currently 108, suspiciously only 8 more than the amount of paid tips: "@cctip_io draw 10 USDT for 100 person" Second, the metric to use is the number of interactions with the content itself. Last time the challenger checked, there are 32 people that has submitted the DeversiFi People Around the World form. Which means there are approximately around 70 people who retweeted the content without submitting the form. This submission is good for the Standard Impact track, but debatable for the High Impact because of the paid interactions.

Evidence #4:

2nd Argument They are not fake accounts and every person who retweeted this tweet interested in crypto. Using CCTIP is fine, Someone already asked this to Ben (@brwilson) admin DeversiFi on July 1, 2020 (On Telegram) Proof: https://ibb.co/n3VwxF4

Evidence #5:

Argument Obviously, there are not any clarification about reject for submissions which submissions paid for retweets. Also please refer other registered submission: https://curate.kleros.io/tcr/0x6f15Ca438992d9a4d7281E7E80381C4d904B2A24/0x0eba87fb88fcc4ee00345c66788baee16c878c9bc51a3bf9056cceb7933cf4d0

Evidence #6:

Challenge Justification Submissions shouldn't be made of mainly fake interactions. ex: "Reject: The submitter paid for views of its YouTube video." The tweet uses @cctip_io service, which randomly distributes reward to users that interact with the tweet, which is akin to paid interactions.
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