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Evidences provided by Vagarish

Evidence #1:

Proof that I have a community of bloggers for HIVE and APPICS I am already a known crypto blogger now here in my country especially to the crypto guys. That is why in my Facebook account, we do have a group chat wherein we welcome new comers in our community in APPICS and Hive. Just to show to the jurors about my legitimate interactions with my community in the crypto world.

Evidence #2:

Proof of having legitimate followers I also took a screenshot about my profile activity to show to this jury that I am having interactions with people around the world here on Steemit that my articles are of high quality and they are following me after reading my articles. Some of them are new in Steemit as well because I also have my own community in my facebook account where there is Hive and APPICS wherein Hive is a hardfork of Steem and APPICS is a sidechain Dapp of Steemit wherein you could take pictures of yourself and it will be posted both in Steem and Hive.

Evidence #3:

Bias & 1 retraction To the submitter; I stand corrected - the image WAS cited - and I want the jury to note that I rescind that point. I do not mean to cause offense and I apologize if I've done so. I do not mean to dispute your personal reputation. To the jury; Since Bias has been drawn into question I fully acknowledge that I have submitted in the past, which I could have obscured by using a different address but have intentionally chosen not to. I don't believe that should have bearing on your ruling here. In fact, the submitter is biased as well as both sides have financial incentive here in this system. Instead of focusing on any the bias of either side I simply ask that the jury read the arguments and consider the submission against the criteria for the High Impact submissions.

Evidence #4:

Eligible for High Impact submission Good day to all jurors as well again. Following the submission of evidence that my submitted article was of high quality impact, I would also like to tell all of you that the challenger is a participant as well in the High impact submission and then challenging the other participants even he/she doesn't have legitimate proof of evidences about what they are claiming against my submission. There is a part of bias on that challenger because this is a competition that is why he/she keeps on challenging other competitors even just for the sake of just to challenge it without valid proof. Therefore, I request that my submission be accepted in this tier and propose that in the future storytelling contests, no participant can challenge another participant because a bias can occur for the rewards of course.

Evidence #5:

Eligible for High Impact submission I am a blogger and Steemian ever since May 2017. I create articles and different blog posts about blockchain projects ever since 2017. I have made my name through quality posts and I do have a high reputation on Steemit of 58 and moving up. Only real bloggers know the hardship. Regarding the accusation that there are screenshots of Kleros Dapps and other images, of course, I will include those images in order to have an aesthetic beauty to the blog post and have a quality reading time for my viewers. If the challenger really read the blog, I noted that all are sourced from the Kleros community website and white paper as seen in the attached file. I have 3616 followers and counting. Upvotes of 1000+ are normal and organic upvotes. Who are you to question the reputability of Steemit? It is a top cryptocurrency. I gave credits in the start of my post as well. This challenger keeps on challenging people's submission without a thorough investigation and keeps telling fake interactions even no evidence.

Evidence #6:

Challenge Justification This does not "expand significantly the Kleros knowledge base" as it is primarily screenshots of Kleros apps that the Kleros team themselves have published posts and tutorials on. In my opinion, this piece is not an improvement upon the Kleros team's own posts on these features. I ask the jury to consider whether this is an improvement upon existing material or not. This piece also re-uses a graphic from a kleros medium post from 2019 without crediting (see attached). I ask the jury to consider whether this is "freebooting" or not In addition to the points above, I ask the Jury to consider that there are 1,000 votes but zero comments. I am not sure how reputable Steemit is. These votes may not be 1:1 with real people.
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