Dispute #177

Court Start Date Dispute Status Current Period Time remaining End Date
Onboarding 2020-04-09 07:34 Already Ruled Execution Already Ruled 2020-04-14 20:51
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Dispute Resolver

Unique Votes in all the rounds

Yes No Refuse to arbitrate Pending
3 0 0 0

Round 0

Yes No Refuse to arbitrate Pending
5 0 0 0
Round 0 Vote Casting Date
Yes 2020-04-11 08:41
Yes 2020-04-12 03:40
Yes 2020-04-12 03:40
Yes 2020-04-12 03:40
Yes 2020-04-12 14:43


Evidences provided by Vagarish

Evidence #1:

Alleged only "From investigation, token B team has alleged that Mossex" the dispute does not state whether it is true or not. It just says that token B team "alleged". It should be the responsibility of the accusation to provide proofs. None were provided, so I believe jurors should vote in favor of Mossex. No need to refuse to arbitrate as Mossex being the defendant should win by default if there is no proofs to the allegations.

Evidence #2:

No evidence -> Refuse to arbitrate It seems there isn't any evidence given by any side and nothing I could find related to this case. Jurors can't vote in the dark, so I would propose to refuse to arbitrate if no additional evidence is sent.
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