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Evidences provided by Vagarish

Evidence #1:

Response to "Clarification" I am the juror who denied this case. It is actually not about being ERC20 or not. The fact is that the ICX token is NOT anymore on the Ethereum network, so the contract submitted here does not correspond to the ICX token from the ICON project, https://icon.foundation, as claimed from the logo used.

Evidence #2:

Clarification I want to clarify some points made in this case. First, the TCR policy does not require any coherence to an ERC standard. In fact there are multiple non-ERC20 tokens in the TCR already. Furthermore I'd like to clarify that it is NOT the job of jurors to determine whether a token is "relevant" or not (not in this court). As long as it has no malicious intent and abides by the current policy it should be accepted. In which case this submission should be denied, but only on the grounds that it's logo is not transparent and therefore violates the current policy. Resubmitting the logo with a transparent background would make it a valid submission eventhough a previous attempt on submitting ICX (https://tokens.kleros.io/token/0x2353fe7b637133003b63faccff957040aeac63340eef5f1c828eac10fa994523) ruled otherwise. This is because of policy and precedence changes. Anyway just wanted to throw this out here.

Evidence #3:

Not ERC20 ICON went live a few months ago and the ERC20 ICX token is not relevant anymore.The real token is on the ICON mainnet. But I dont see anything in the policy about accepting only ERC20 or am I missing something?

Evidence #4:

Transparent and inside ERC20 token Clearly the logo is transparent and is inside ERC20. Go test..

Evidence #5:

Token challenge Not transparent and not used ERC20 token
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