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Evidences provided by Vagarish

Evidence #1:

Claimant's evidence further demonstrates why this claim is invalid In the submitted spreadsheet by Claimant, it clearly states that the policy period began Jan 24, but the UST they are attempting to claim for was only deposited on Apr 13. As such, "ownership prior to the policy period" cannot be proven since they did not own those UST prior to the policy period. This claim must be rejected.

Evidence #2:

Detailed breakdown of transactions as per requested template Proof of UST holdings on anchor while policy was active during depeg event

Evidence #3:

Claim should be rejected for lack of evidence The policy requires that for UST held on a terra wallet to be covered, "ownership prior to the policy period [must] be proven through" ... "verifiable means". An examination of the claimant's wallet and submitted evidence shows that no such proof has been offered. As such, this claim must be rejected.
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